Advance the development and adoption of science-informed policies and practices throughout the system that improve food safety and public health.


• CFI worked to secure an agreement that reversed a 10-year-old data-sharing problem between three federal agencies. Thanks to this agreement, USDA/ARS can more easily share the PFGE patterns obtained from Salmonella isolates collected through regulatory testing with human disease experts at HHS/CDC’s PulseNet.

• CFI advocated for:

- restoring food safety objectives in Healthy People 2020, the nation’s decade –long agenda for improving public health;

- improving regulatory microbial testing programs and labeling regulations;

- the use of appropriate metrics in evaluating food safety programs.

• CFI played a critical role in the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 (FSMA), the first major reform of food safety oversight at FDA in decades.  CFI continues its work with consumer coalitions on the implementation of FSMA, attending regular meetings with regulatory officials and providing written comments on proposed rules.

• From 2009 - 2013, CFI led a successful effort to secure USDA-required labeling for mechanically tenderized beef products. Read CFI comments here.

• CFI has met with numerous Senators, Representatives and staff in an effort to improve the food safety system. In every phone call, e-mail or in-person meeting, CFI provided information to help decision-makers make policy choices based on the best available science.