Featured News - June 2015

Report on culture independent diagnostic testing


CFI's new report on culture independent diagnostic testing (CIDT), authored by Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk. CIDTs provide faster diagnosis for foodborne illness, but may impact on our nation's ability to detect foodborne illness outbreaks across the country and over time.


Read the full report here

Featured News - May 2015

MTB will be labeled starting in 2016


CFI is very pleased with USDA's announcement on May 13, 2015, that mechanically tenderized beef (MTB) will be labeled starting in 2016.  "Providing consumers with information about safe handling and preparation of MTB products will prevent foodborne illness," says Patricia Buck, CFI's Executive Director.


Read the press release here

Featured News - April 2015

Focusing on Food Safety!

April 7th was the World Health Organization’s World Health Day.  This year, WHO is focusing on food safety, which we all know is a very important public health issue.  CFI applauds WHO for making food safety a priority!


Read WHO’s ten food safety fact sheets here


Watch WHO's video clip here

Featured News - March 2015

Mechanically Tenderized Beef

March 4, 2015:  Today, CFI and other members of the Safe Food Coalition sent a letter to Secretary Vilsack, US Department of Agriculture, applauding him for publicly announcing that USDA would seek an exemption from its uniform labeling regulation, thereby speeding up the implementation of this important food safety label.  Currently, the rule is at the Office of Management and Budget, but it is hoped that it will be finalized soon.


Read letter here


Featured News - January 2015

Food Safety Education

January 23, 2015:  Today, Food Safety News, an online food safety source for timely and in-depth reporting on food safety topics, published an article about the need to improve food safety education in community and school settings.  CFI leadership, Patricia Buck and Lee Faulconbridge, presented on this topic at the National Food Safety Education Conference, held in Washington, D.C. in December 2014.  Read article here


Read Young Children and Foodborne Illness here


Featured News - December 2014

Mechanically Tenderized Beef


December 30, 2014:  The Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention calls for the Obama Administration to finalize rule on labeling of mechanically tenderized beef this year.


Read statement here


Featured Story - June

A Side of Foodborne Illness With That?

Common Food Safety Mistakes in Cookbooks


I love flipping through cookbooks to get ideas for dinner from the glossy pictures and the enticing descriptions of the meals I could create with the right ingredients in my pantry and fridge and a few more minutes in my day.  But, as the communications director for the food safety non-profit, CFI, for the past three years, often times reading recipes makes me cringe because of all the food safety mistakes.


Featured Story - Sept

The Ick Factor When You Eat Out. See Something? Say Something.


My family had a wonderful vacation this month in Acadia National Park.  We hiked along trails that abutted the ocean, biked the carriage roads, and took an awe-inspiring whale-watching trip. One afternoon, we stopped at the iconic Jordan Pond House, famous for popovers and lemonade.  They serve the lemonade with the simple syrup on the side, so you can make it as sweet or as tart as you like.   We had such a lovely time that we made reservations for dinner later in the week.   We should have stopped at lunch.