CFI Leadership News


The Center for Foodborne Illness Research & Prevention (CFI) announced changes in organizational leadership on September 15, 2014.  CFI’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Barbara Kowalcyk has accepted a position at RTI International as a Senior Food Safety Risk Analyst in the Center for Health and Environmental Modeling and has resigned her positions at both CFI and North Carolina State University.  Moving forward, co-founder Patricia Buck will lead the organization as CFI’s Executive Director and Kowalcyk has been appointed to CFI’s Board of Directors.


During her tenure as CFI’s CEO, Barbara focused the organization’s mission on preventing and reducing foodborne illness by advancing a stronger, science-based food safety system to improve public health, both locally and globally.  In addition, Kowalcyk served the larger food safety community with her numerous committee appointments, including FDA’s Science Board and CDC’s Surveillance Working Group.  It is Kowalcyk’s intention to continue her commitment to CFI’s mission and to collaborating with others to resolve food safety challenges.


CFI is pleased with Dr. Kowalcyk’s new appointment – we feel that she will make substantial contributions to food safety at RTI!  We applaud Barbara for her awesome organizational leadership and for the outstanding service she has provided to CFI.