Improve the collection and sharing of food safety information and data within and across sectors.


• In 2009, CFI collaborated with medical experts to release a scientific white paper on the long-term health outcomes associated with foodborne disease.  The paper highlights the gaps in research and the need for improved surveillance and data sharing.

• In 2010, CFI received FDA funding to continue its research on the long-term health outcomes associated with foodborne disease. Overseen by a committee of scientific experts, the project examined the feasibility of tracking these long-term outcomes.

• In 2011, CFI convened experts for a two-day workshop on the long-term health outcomes of foodborne illness. FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods Michael Taylor keynoted the conference. Our work has implications for federal policies and research funding.

• In 2011, CFI collaborated with the University of Minnesota to assess stakeholder information needs around Foot and Mouth Disease. Consumers, academia, NGO representatives, and federal, state, and local government officials participated in a mock outbreak scenario and provided feedback that will inform USDA crisis communication strategies.

• CFI provided financial support and research opportunities to seven graduate students and hosted an undergraduate summer intern.

• CFI is currently researching challenges and solutions for tracking microbes using next generation technologies. CFI is participating in conversations about the impact of increased use of culture-independent diagnostic tests on foodborne illness surveillance systems and disease cluster detection on a global scale.  Barbara Kowalcyk’s white paper on this issue will be published by Pew Charitable Trusts in 2013.